The Revitalization of Van Ness

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While most Washingtonians consider Van Ness to be one of the older and more established neighborhoods in the District, in fact, there has been a revitalization of late that has freshened up our already desirable region even more. While proximity to Rock Creek Park has long been an attraction, these days, there are shops, restaurants, and community events that continue to drive interest. Over the last few years, the Van Ness BID has run dozens of exciting events and helped spruce up the neighborhood. You can read about what to expected in the coming weeks on the Van Ness Main Street website.

Here are some of the attributes that make the Van Ness neighborhood the best place to live in DC!

Retail & Restaurants

Van Ness boasts a huge grocery store (a Giant Foods) that’s two blocks from the Park Van Ness property and right next to the metro for an easy stop on the way home. There are award winning restaurants like the legendary Bread Furst as well as Sfoglina, an upscale Italian spot on the ground floor of Park Van Ness. Additionally, there are other tasty spots like Thai Pad and Italian Pizza Kitchen as well as easy classics like Potbelly and Burger King when you’re craving something quick.


New buildings are nestled among the old in the Van Ness / UDC neighborhood. While Park Van Ness is the premier residential building, there are other modern structures that make living here feel new. Some of the older apartment complexes have incredible history and have housed VIPs and leaders over the years. Additionally, there are plenty of single family homes which contribute to the small town feel and add charm to the neighborhood.


Most importantly, community events have been occurring more frequently and bringing residents together in a whole new way. Farmer’s Markets, craft fairs, holiday events, and other activities have added new flavor to the neighborhood. Additionally, there are volunteering opportunities and park clean up projects that help beautify the area and help the residents feel proud to call the place home.

Don’t miss any of the neighborhood markets, family events, brunches, and other activities happening throughout the neighborhood this month. The local BID is hosting some really exciting events all summer long as part of an effort to breath new life into an already beloved part of DC.

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