A Guide to Spring Flowers in DC

Things are tough right now in the Washington area with social distancing orders in place in response to the novel Coronavirus. While many non-essential businesses and activities are off the table to keep residents healthy and ‘flatten the curve’, solo outdoor exercise and neighborhood walks are a great way to stay active. Luckily, the weather in DC has been sunny and spring-like and the flowers are blooming which makes time spent outdoors a pleasant escape from our homes.

Here are a few great spots to stop and metaphorically smell the roses within walking distance of Park Van Ness!

WHERE: The National Cathedral

(Pilgrim Road NW)

flowers in dc

The Bishop’s Garden at The National Cathedral is full of flowering trees and new growth at this time of year. On the southern side of the stunning church, visitors will find a stone archway braided with vines leading to a lush oasis in the city. In the Spring, the grass is so vibrant it nearly glows. Don’t miss the lilacs framing the staircase toward the back of the meadow.

WHERE: Maret School

(Garfield Street & Garfield Terrace NW)

flowers near maret

Just up the hill from the Woodley Park metro station, Maret School looms above the residential homes. While the campus itself has numerous beautiful trees and planters overflowing with flowers, the gates are currently locked to keep students off the grounds while we all wait out the social distancing orders. Behind the school, on Garfield street, honeysuckle and climbing hydrangea run along the back fence emitting a beautiful floral scent you can smell from a block away!

WHERE: Observatory Circle

(Massachusetts Ave & Fulton Street NW)

flowers in NW

About a mile from Park Van Ness, Embassy Row is teeming with fresh flowers, green grass, and other fixtures of spring. Just off of Reno Road, along the quieter neighborhood streets, the sidewalks offer up Spring’s most perfect scents. You’ll find blocks with mountain laurel, tulips, cherry blossoms, and brilliant purple lilacs cascading down the front of homes. 

Despite everything happening in the world right now, there are still many wonderful moments to be made. Finding time to quite literally ‘stop and smell the roses’ is a great way to appreciate the little things and recognize how fortunate we are to be Washingtonians.

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